Custom Mosaic Photo Frame


  • Print Material : 250 gsm free life raster(Premium paper)
  • Mounting : Comes with strong table standing option.
  • Frame Type : Plain Black
  • Frame material : Light weight Synthetic frame.
  • Please upload maximum 51 photos and you can share the content after uploading the file.


Personalized gifts are not bound by occasions. Be it a birthday, wedding anniversary, Valentine’s day, or a normal Tuesday, you can turn your entire photo album into beautiful memory lane and go surfing through some of the best moments! It makes us realize how much we have to be thankful for.


Some of these pictures might bring with them a hundred memories! Be it a wedding album or baby photos, you want to take them all into frames and keep them in your sight always! Some pictures are so precious we cannot risk keeping them in the phone gallery. But it is not always possible to accommodate all these pictures around the house.


Pictures say what words cannot. For describing what a loved one means to you, portraits are the best! You don’t have to settle for less when you want to express yourself. That is why here we bring to you a mix of both collage and portrait in the PERSONALIZED MOSAIC PORTRAITS.


Personalized Mosaic Portrait binds your best memories together with love!





Each picture you send is used in the most precise manner so as to maintain the quality of your picture. We assure you that the final product will be a high resolution, clear picture. Our artists personally cater to the adjustments required and give you the choicest results.



The size of the art can also be customized according to the desire of the customer. There are 4 sizes to choose from. If you are not sure about your product, don’t worry. Our artists will send you the art for confirmation before dispatching it. There is very little effort you need to put in for amazing results! Leave the rest on us.



The final product is available in three different categories, giving you the choice to choose from the same:
1. poster only
2. framed mosaic
3. High definition (HD) copy
The selection of any of the above options is a very simple process. With the variety in the product, we offer assistance and basic procedure, followed through WhatsApp for best results at affordable rates. It is a must-buy product!



Obvious confusion arises on different occasions when we sit and decide what to gift. Well with Personalized Mosaic Portrait, you can be sure this is the best gift that fits into any of the occasions and makes your loved ones heart so full. Be it birthdays, festivals like Diwali, Christmas, or even wedding anniversary! The frame is lightweight and will be delivered to your doorstep!



A personalized mosaic gives you the freedom to choose pictures that depict the foundation of your relationship. The final image depicts how far you’ve come together. Gift your dear ones the feeling of love. Ideal for all types of celebrations. These pictures can also be used for various vacations, baby showers, and business meetings! 


This sensational Personalized Mosaic will make for the Best gift and a great Portrait!


Mosaic photo frame

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