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There is nothing more pleasant to look at than a beautiful painting. Painting not only adds color to life but is the most practiced way to preserve special moments from the past. It’s something we believe can freshen your minds as well as recreate memories. To have the faces of your loved ones framed in front of you is always a delight.

Sometimes you might look at your old albums and think if you could just wave a wand and turn them into color-filled paintings instead. That way you could gift it to your parents surprise them with fresh colored memories from childhood! Or maybe hang on the sidewall of your place. Some of these pictures would look great as colored art portraits.

Now, painting as an art form may not all look pleasing when it comes to portraits. It takes long hours to sit in front of the artist when they try to paint you. But what if we say that we’ve made portraits fun for you? With Photo to Art, we bring to you a whole range of digital art, to recreate your most cherished photographs into studio-like portraits.

Recreate your photographs into captivating art with Masterstrokes in Canvasmart

Digital Painting

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